Saturday, November 7, 2015

Vacation Learning: Costa Rica #13

Our last morning in Cocles took us to Punta Uva beach.  It was highly recommended by locals and experts on We were there at around 8:00 am and until around 11:30 the beach was all ours! I am a big fan of beaches, not for sun tanning but for swimming.  I love to be taken by the waves! I prefer only beaches that are clean and without algae.  This was my type of beach. In fact this is by far my favorite beach on this planet (I still have many to explore... but it will be hard to beat!). The water was so clean I could see my toenails when I was standing, and the water level was to my neck.  It seriously was like a pool of salty water plus a few little fish.    

Right after the beach we moved to Cahuita.  It is about 20+ minutes away but next to the national park with the same name.  We found a great deal at Casa de las Flores.  It is a small hotel run by an Italian couple. They were welcoming and caring.  From the moment we made the reservation, they were eager to help us with anything we needed. Their small hotel is very charming, clean, and in a perfect location.

The hotel owners have a son who became instant friends with my kids.  We actually even when out to dinner with him once!  He also joined us during our snorkeling adventure in the park. 
To go snorkeling, visitors need to get a guide.  It is simply to protect the coral reef.  We loved snorkeling except when there were jelly fish.  We learned another lesson: stay away from them!
Our tour guide took us to another spot and then everything was perfect.

The small boat dropped us off by the walking trail inside the national park.  Right away, Little Guy encountered this Capuchin monkey who decided to follow him!  You can tell he is very used to visitors.  He was not being fed or lured by anyone.  He simply was curious. 

We walked for almost two hours from Cahuita point to the entrance to the park.  We found a nice place to have a sandwich. We picked the beach just in case a curious monkey decided to come and grab our food. 

I still don't know what kind of egg that was.  Little Guy found it.  Perhaps a snake's egg?

The trail is beautiful. It goes right next to the beach.  If we were hot, we stop for a bit to cool off by the water. Besides the monkey, we saw tons of hermit crabs, ants, spiders, and birds.


  1. A mi también me encantó mucho. Te cuento que la playa de Culebras era mi favorita hasta que visité Punta Uva. Las dos playas son bellísimas. En este momento me gusta más la de Punta Uva porque el mar es mucho más calmado. Todos nosotros nadamos hasta estar exhaustos. ¿Cómo están las princesas?


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