Friday, November 6, 2015

Vacation Learning: Costa Rica #12

We spent a whole day in Manzanillo.  First we walked on the walking trails, and made it to the look out point above. 

On our way back we walked by the beach.  The kids were looking for different creatures on the shore. They also practiced some snorkeling while looking for small fish in the little natural pools.

In Manzanillo locals really know how to have fun! On our walk we found the tree above with three ropes for swinging right into the ocean.  The kids had a blast!

Also we had our first encounter with jellyfish. 

While in Costa Rica's Caribbean coast we were celebrating Big Sister's 6th birthday.  This year we didn't get her a gift.  The first thing she wanted for her birthday was to see dolphins in the wild.  We had seen dolphins in aquariums, and zoos but it was always a bit of a heartbreak.  This time we were going to see them free, happy, and just as they want us to see them!

We got on board this little boat with Captain DelRoy, and set to try to find them.  Little hint: Did you know that for almost the price of one admission to the Shedd aquarium in Chicago your whole family can see wild dolphins in Costa Rica on a private boat? :)

The boat ride was beautiful.  We passed gorgeous formations by the shore.  Some of the formations made us think about our trip to Flower Pot Island in Canada. 

Not far from the shore, and very close to the border with Panamá we found them!  First was a pot of about three or four dolphins.  They swam about us, and even jumped completely out of the water. It was an experience that I have no words to describe.  The dolphins jumped because they wanted to, not because someone was going to give them a treat, or because someone had trained them to do so.                                                                    
We started heading back when we found another pot of dolphins!  This group had younger, and smaller ones. Above is the best picture I took.  I tried to get a few, and then put my camera away to enjoy their natural behavior. 

After almost two hours of spotting dolphins, our captain took us to a beach to relax for a little while.  The kids got to swim, and play in the sand. 


  1. Feliz Cumpleaños Big sister!!! Dios te bendiga! Te enviamos un abrazo desde Puerto Rico!!


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