Saturday, October 3, 2015

Vacation Learning: Old World Wisconsin Homeschool day 9/30/15

Since last year we had a wonderful time, we were super excited to go back to Old World Wisconsin. Above, the kids were visiting the little school.  Sometimes I wonder if my kids really think all schools are like this one. This is the only type of school they have visited. 

Big Sister was eager to do all the jobs available.  She started at the shoe maker shop and store.  She was working on the shoe soles.

Both kids gave a hand to this lady who was showing them how laundry was done at the town's hotel.

She also gave them a turn at grinding coffee.

Next, the kids had an opportunity to roll the dough to make pie crust.

We boarded on the "bus" that was pulled by these two beautiful, and gentle Percherons.  We went for a short ride around the main town.

We visited the blacksmith who made hooks, and nails in front of us.

Little Guy decided to play with the cart wheel while his sister was in the way back looking at the other horses. 

Above, the kids were getting their hands dirty while knitting bread. 

They also were able to shave wooden shingles with some help from the interpreter.

By far, this was they favorite job.  They helped with breaking, scutching, and hackling the flax that will turn into linen. 

We went on a wonderful hike from the German to the Norwegian Settlements.  

Finally, they helped with the process of making yarn by brushing the wool.

They surely loved to try all the jobs. It was a very hands-on experience!

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