Friday, October 23, 2015

Vacation Learning: Costa Rica #6

In one of our adventures we visited the Arenal volcano's hanging bridges. It was a very tiring day.  It was worth every drip of sweat for such a great experience.  We spotted several animals and insects on our path like the lizard above.

This is what the trail looked like.

It included several hanging bridges that are not for those who fear heights. I actually had to wait for people to pass us. I was terrified when it swayed from side to side.

We encountered a very refreshing waterfall. 

We checked out the roots of some amazingly tall and skinny tree. 

After about three hours of hiking, we stopped for ice cream, and a last glimpse at the volcano. It is to be dormant, but we saw a little smoke coming out of it. It is definitely an intriguing sight. 

I had to take a picture at this spot. I love the flag, the volcano, and the cute arch with the hanging bridge.

On our way out, we stopped at the town La Fortuna. We got directions to an animal sanctuary near by called Dannaus.

 We saw a free roaming sloth right above us. hint: it is in the tree branches.

Little Guy found an injured butterfly, and while I was taking his picture, I spotted the leaf cutting ants.

We walked by many tiny frogs. They are called blue-jean frogs over here because they look like they are wearing them. They are poisonous. We also saw a variety of lizards. 

It started to rain on our way out. Little Guy insisted on using one of the enormous leafs since they are called poor man's umbrella.


  1. Que bellas fotos!!! Me encanta!! Que rico..vacaciones ujuuuu!!!!

  2. Para nosotros no fueron vacaciones, fue un paseo educativo ;)

    1. Igual amiga, me refiero, salir de la rutina.... el mundo, en este caso Costa Rica, fue tu salón!! y todo es precioso!!! es una experiencia suuuper enriquecedora!!!


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