Monday, October 19, 2015

Vacation Learning: Costa Rica #4

We went on another tour to Tortuga Island. It is located in the Nicoya peninsula. To get there, we went on a bus to the pier in Puntarenas, and then took this beautiful catamaran for a 1.5 hours to the island. 

After some dramamine for Big Sister, the kids were having a terrific time in the small pool on board. The catamaran glides pretty well. The crew was fantastic at taking care of any needs, and providing fresh fruits and drinks for us to enjoy. 

Coming in the island is quite an amazing sight. The water is crystal clear, warm, and inviting.

The area were we stayed for the day was small because most of the island is protected to preserve the fauna and flora. Still, without having to go far, we were able to enjoy its beauty and treasures.

The kids had a blast at the hammocks. 

We didn't need to seek wildlife. It came to find us! First we saw a sting ray while in the water (sorry, no pictures. I was too busy running away). Then a very friendly saino came to visit our camp site. We saw peacocks, chickens, fish, hermit crabs, and deer. This was their home. We had the opportunity to visit them. 

The tour offered live music while we had our lunch.  The musicians invited the kids to play with them. 

Finally on our way back after an amazing day. 

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