Friday, October 9, 2015

This last week 10/10/15

On Tuesday, Big Sister wrote about her flu vaccine on her journal.  She knew that she had to have it because she was going to be traveling soon.  Little Guy wrote about what he wants to see in Costa Rica: turtles, and volcanoes!

We read a great book about animals from the rain forest.  As we read about each animal, the kids placed the felt image on the board.  We talked about the ecosystems from the forest floor, under story, canopy, to the emergent layer.

Above, Big Sister practicing pulling her own luggage, and helping me pull mine. 

On Wednesday, it was a bit warm.  We headed for an adventure day at the pumpkin farm.

For the first time we visited the "hunted walk."  

The kids preferred the educational walk.  We are not into scary things.  

Above the kids were picking pumpkins.  

Just having fun!

On Thursday, we walked to the horse farm that is about a block and a half from our house. 

A camel was boarding there.  The kids and I enjoyed giving him grass, and weeds. Big Sister got to pet it and even hugged it.

On Friday, we visited the annual Scarecrow Festival.  Above you can see the kid's favorite displays. 

We are almost ready to go.  It took a lot of planning, and weighing luggage!  We are headed to the airport first thing in the morning!

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