Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Home Learning 10/5/15

Little Guy was counting how many days were left until our trip. 
This trip, although we got tickets using airline miles about a year ago, basically snicked up on me! On Sunday night I finally was able to finish our lodging reservations.  We are avoiding hotels to try to experience cultural immersion.  We are renting three places: one in San José, one in the northern mountainous region, and one by the Caribbean sea. We will try to live, eat, shop, and hang out with the locals.

Little Guy wrote about getting a Lego set after his flu shot on Saturday.  Big Sister wrote about our visit to Old World Wisconsin. 

Both kids were listening to a few audio books.

Little Guy worked with our plane materials. First he used the three part cards, then he work on the See-Inside-Frame-Puzzle of an airport.  

Big Sister worked on it too. 
The airport materials come back to the shelves just before we go on a trip. 

I also took out a few items about Costa Rica's rain forest. Above you can see Little Guy trying to match dart frog replicas.   

He also helped me move and add frogs to this diorama. 

This is how our little corner between geography and science looks like at the moment. 
I wish I had time to be more organized. With my elderly father-in-law visiting us, finalizing the trip details, teaching my classes, and getting ready for the trip, time has been simply flying by. I would have wanted to help the kids be more knowledgeable about what we are going to see on our trip. I guess this time we will see first, and then learn about what sparks their interested.


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