Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Home Learning 9/8/15

Our last "mariposa" came out its chrysalis early on Labor Day.  Big Sister was right next to it when it happened.  Little Guy got it to crawl in his hand just before it was ready to go.

On Tuesday, they kids wanted to write about crayfish.  My husband took them back to the creek during the weekend, and helped them catch two to bring home. They had to go to the fish store to get food, and water for the crayfish.  On Sunday, they returned the crayfish to the creek.  
Above you can see Little Guy tracing the outline of a male crayfish.

Big Sister wanted to know more about crayfish.  Thankfully, I have this little book in my stash! She read the whole book.  While reading out loud, she continued to stop to tell me: "mami, did you know that crayfish...?" She felt very proud.  Later in the day she read two short English books.  I am sure she needs to feel successful. Yesterday was her day! 

Here is Little Guy coloring his crayfish.

The picture on the left is Big Sister's journal.  She chose to trace the female crayfish. 

While Big Sister was reading her crayfish book, I gave Little Guy a basket with 45 objects.  I asked him to separate them in groups.  Then he placed each set of items next to the numeral that indicated how many were in that group: 1 bear, 2 cars, 3 fish...He had a lot of fun. It gave me plenty of time to listen to his sister read the book.

Later in the day both kids finish their letters to mail.

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