Monday, September 28, 2015

Home Learning 9/24/15

On Thursday my car started smoking.  The coolant hose broke and was squirting to the roof of the hood.  As the coolant trickle down on the warm engine, it evaporated creating a ton of smoke.  Thankfully, I was close to home.  My husband and my neighbor (car guys) fixed it.  Hence, Big Sister wrote about our car troubles in her journal. 
Little Guy wrote about another bug he found in the house. 

Above, the kids are selecting books to read independently.

Little Guy is able to read these one-sentence-per-page bilingual books.  We got a few books about spiders and insects at the library. Big Sister read about dolphins.  Above she was writing the tittle in her reading log. 

For math, We used a deck of coin cards. I gave Big Sister a stack of little green papers.  She counted the coins, and wrote the amount on the piece of paper. 

We continued studying about trees.  The kids were searching for information regarding the function of the trunk.  We went outside to take a look at the trees in our yard. We are staying close to home to stay with their grandfather.

We walked to a Hickory tree where they were able to remove pieces of the tree bark.  We also looked at a stump from an apple tree my husband recently cut down. Finally, we found a mulberry tree that had some sap trickling on its side.  It got us talking about how the nutrients move through the trunk.  We still don't know how it happens.

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