Monday, September 28, 2015

Home Learning 9/23/15

Wednesday we stayed home to be with my father-in-law. We simply followed what we usually do in any other home learning day. Above you can see the kids working on their journals.

Big Sister wrote about our visit to Cantigny the day before.  Little Guy wrote about the bug he had crawling on his hand.  He has mentioned that he wants to be an entomologist.  

Next, both kids were reading on their own. Big Sister was reading a book about trees.  Little Guy is still working on his basic reader.  He has read it before, but needs more practice with the word lists.

Big Sister used a deck of 10 cards that shows the progression from a line to a decagon.  She decided to use the ten bars to create the different polygons. She used the bead chain of a 100 to do the decagon.   

Little Guy was using the number cards.  He was creating numbers on his own simply because he was curious about them. 

Big Sister was making all the tree puzzles.  She is identifying trees in pictures books, and around our neighborhood. 

Finally, the kids were working on a tree part booklet to add to their learning folder.  After they colored all the cards, we looked through books to find the function of a leaf. 

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