Thursday, September 3, 2015

Home Learning 9/2/15

This morning we found our first chrysalis as shown above.  The kids and I were very excited as we knew our butterfly will be emerging later in the day. 

As soon as the kids were ready to write on their journals, the butterfly started to come out.  I was frantically looking for my camera while the kids were able to see it emerge. 

Both kids decided to journal about our monarch butterfly.  Above you can see Little Guy coloring his butterfly right next to the real one.

Both kids wrote about the care that was needed to help the caterpillar grow, and how it changed into a butterfly.

After a while we took the butterfly out to be released. The kids carried it on a stick.  The butterfly took its first fly and landed on Big Sister's t-shirt.  She kept on saying: "The butterfly thinks I am its mom!"  Finally, it took off.  Big Sister discovered that it was a male.  Can you see the distinctive dots on the lower wings too?

In the afternoon we went to the creek.  We visited it on Monday with a few homeschooling families and had a great time.  It has been hot, and the cold water was very inviting and refreshing.

We spotted several crayfish again. 

The kids loved playing in the water.  Our neighbors came with us, and Big Sister and her friend decided to use the rocks as a obstacle course.   

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