Thursday, September 24, 2015

Home Learning 9/21/15

My father-in-law has come to stay with us for a few weeks. The kids are having a great time having him read stories to them.  Above, you can see him reading one of their favorite picture books. 

Here are Little Guy's recent journal entries.  First, he wrote about a storm that had us running for the car.  Next, he wrote about going to eat tacos with our neighbors. 

Here are Big Sister's journal entries. First, she wrote about going to the creek.  Next, she wrote about going bowling last week.

Above you can see both kids practicing their reading. They are more interested in reading on their own.  Big Sister decided to read a book about a tree.  Little Guy is still reading his basic Spanish reader.  

Little Guy was very curious about the tree rounds.  He was looking at the rings in the aspen and maple rounds. 

I had two sets of tree silhouette cards laminated and ready for the kids.  One set has the names in Spanish, the other set has the names in English.  First, Little Guy was looking for matching cards on his own.  He used a small magnifying glass to look for details.   

Later, they played a simple memory game. We talked about how the trees are different according to their trunks. and branches.  By paying attention to these tree structures, we hope to be able to identify them from afar. 

They wrote the names of the trees on their vocabulary chart.  

We are getting ready for our trip that is coming up in less than a month now.  Big Sister wanted to see where Costa Rica was in the map.  We used the North America map to trace an imaginary flight trajectory. She used a little plane to move from Chicago, to Miami, and then to San Jos√©.   Right away she showed interest in knowing the names of all the other countries in Central America.

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