Monday, September 21, 2015

Home Learning 9/18/15

The above pictures are from Wednesday.  We have decided to take Wednesdays off during September. We have a friend that comes to stay with us in the mornings, and decided that it would best suit us to enjoy the day going on field trips, and  playing outdoors.  Also, it is a way to be outside as much as possible before the fall truly sets in.  On Wednesday we actually went bowling, and then to a park with gorgeous views of  prairie land. 

On Thursday, we joined fellow homeschoolers while exploring the butterfly house before it closed for the season. 

On Friday we had a wonderful learning session. Big Sister was reading and recording herself.  Later she listened and read along with her own recording.   

Little Guy was using the world part map.  I pulled out letters and asked him to spell out the names of the continents. 

For Math, big sister was counting by twos. She still needs to practice a bit. It is quite a mystery to me to see her count by tens and fives with ease, and then struggle when counting by twos.  

Both kids were playing this game they called: "la vara más larga" (the longest rod).  They tossed the dice, and added the number of squares to their rods. 

Afterwards we did a bit of science.  I left the books about trees on their desks.  They created a tree learning folder and asked me to read the books they selected. I got ten books from the library in Spanish.  I am sure I can get double that number or more in English.

The kids moved on to work on the tree parts.  Little Guy used the tree posters.  Big Sister used the Montessori tree puzzle. 

Above, both kids were adding the words from the parts of the trees to their vocabulary chart.

Finally, the kids were curious to see the leaves they picked under the microscope.  You can also see how our science materials are showing up in the bookshelves.  We have a collection of tree rounds, a few leaves, seeds, twigs, and tree bark we collected at our walk. I wanted to take them out to do this but it was raining.  Next week I hope to be outside again.   

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