Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Home Learning 9/15/15

Math is taking off here in our learning room.  Today we talked about odd and even numbers.  I gave Big Sister a basket filled with geometric shapes.  She organized them to see which were even or odd objects.  

Little Guy was working on recognizing and writing numbers.  First he started with the magnetic board.  Then Big Sister and I had him run back and forth looking for numbers at the end of the hallway.  Finally, he wrote the numbers on the white board. 

Here are the last two journal entries Little Guy wrote.  First he wrote about playing with a Frisbee at the Kite Festival.  The next one was from our little kite flying attempt on Monday.

Here are the last two journal entries Big Sister wrote. First she wrote about tagging the butterflies.  Next, she wrote about the Kite Festival.

Both kids were enjoying listening to the Jungle Book on CD. They specially love the singing parts.

After lunch, we headed to our on-the-go learning space. We carry our little tent and decided to do our science outside by the creek.  We just started learning about trees and decided that it best suit us to be surrounded by them.

We took a little hike around the area to discover several types of trees.  Since we studied Canada in early summer, the kids are able to identify maple, oak, birch, and hickory trees.  

As we walked, we collected items from the trees: leaves, tree bark, seeds, fruits, and twigs. 

We talked about the parts of the tree, and used the above pictured posters to be labeled. 

Little guy was taking the bark off a birch tree round. He was very interested in the smooth layers. 

 We talked about why trees are important.  Big Sister knows about the trees ability to create oxygen.  Little Guy talked about the shade, and the house for the birds.  I mentioned the wood for fires, and to make things like furniture, the fruits, and the beauty they bring to our world. The kids are hooked! 

After a while of exploring, they were ready to get in the water.  The creek was very welcoming on this hot fall day. The last picture above shows the kids trying to catch...

a monarch butterfly!

Another family came to our spot.  The kids started to talk as soon as someone found a crayfish.  Then, we walked down the creek to see ducks, and a blue heron. 
It was a gorgeous afternoon. Learning outdoors was a lot of fun!

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