Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Home Learning 9/14/15

Today we explored patterns.  Big Sister needed to discover the attributes, continue the pattern, and figure out the part of the pattern that repeats. On the first picture you can see 4 different patterns.  The second picture shows her breaking down the repetition.

This is a pattern she made on her own. 

This was a nice challenge.  She continued the pattern until she ran out of space.  Then she took the repeated portion of the pattern to show how many times it was repeated. 

Meanwhile, Little Guy used the same geometrical shapes to count.  

He also did a few addition problems. 

Both kids using the shapes to copy a picture.

Later in the day, we started to talk about trees.  To begin, the kids looked at the trees in our yard and chose one to draw, color and paint. We talked about using a sponge for making broad leaves, and a paintbrush to make coniferous leaves. 

Little Guy decided to do a pine tree.  Big Sister is working on a broad leaf tree. 

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