Monday, September 14, 2015

Home Learning 9/11/15

Above you can see the kids listening to a story.  My goal is to re-introduce all of the five literacy activities available to them.  We used them last academic year.  So far we have worked on the behaviors, and expectations for reading independently, and listening to books on CD.  For more information on how to introduce learning independence in your home or classroom visit The Daily 5 website.

Little Guy was working on finding initial sounds in English.

Big Sister was writing in her reading log. She wants to keep track of the books she is reading on her own in the learning room. 
The rest of the learning time (which was brief) was used to write letters to our penpals.

We had a great Sunday.  In the morning we went to the annual Kite Festival in DeKalb.  Both kids got to fly their kites and play with bubbles.  

In the afternoon, we met a group of homeschoolers for a "Not Back to School" outing.  We all had a blast.  The kids truly enjoy the creek.  It was a new area for us.  We are sure to go back to visit this week. We truly need to take advantage of the few warm days left.

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