Thursday, September 10, 2015

Home Learning 9/10/15

Big Sister and I have been working on some basic math. The goal is for her to understand several math concepts like adding, subtracting, comparing amounts, and coin values.  She only knows pennies and nickles as of now.  I will be introducing dimes in our learning environment very soon. To be honest with you, she is two steps ahead of me. While driving in the car, I heard her count by tens and fives!
Above you can see what I arranged for her.  It is a mini store with just a few items and their prices.  Her task was to read the price, and use coins to add up to it. 

Next, we selected two items that she would like to compare.  Obviously she picked the candy first.  I picked the scissors. She knew that she needed to use nickles to add up to 10 and 5 cents.  When she combined the prices (using the coins), she discovered that she needed 15 cents to buy them both. We continued to select other items.  The last picture above shows the crayon, and the pencil. These items were challenging because she needed to use a combination of nickles and pennies. I asked her how much each item cost, how much they cost all together, which item cost more, and how much more it cost.  It was a very hands on activity.  We used the objects to make it tangible, and fun.  She used  her fingers, the pennies and nickles to do the math. 

Both kids wrote about a friend who visited us the day before.  

And just when I though butterflies were out of our radar, we ended up going to a special event at Cantigny Park.  We had the opportunity to learn about, and actually tag a monarch butterfly.  A conservation specialist from Monarch Watch gave a wonderful presentation about monarchs and their migration.  The kids were able to ask questions, and learn even more about these amazing insects.  We are not ready to say adiĆ³s to butterflies! 
Above you can see Big Sister holding the butterfly while Little Guy is placing the sticker on the wing. 

Above you can she the butterfly he tagged.  Later on, Big Sister had the sticker on her finger ready to tag another butterfly. 

Here is Big Sister tagging another butterfly. 

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