Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summer Learning V

We had a very busy week over here.  I was called to substitute for two teachers.  On Tuesday, the kids helped me out with three preschool classes.  We were learning about prepositions using pirates as the theme. It was a lot of fun to use pirate hats, and "parrots" (angry birds) to create sentences using under, above, in front, behind, etc...  
On Friday, I left the kids with my in-laws while I substituted for two classes nearby.  Big Sister cried when I went to pick her up.  Both kids had a wonderful time with their grandparents and are beyond excited to go back to spend more time with them this coming Friday. 

On Friday afternoon, we met a friend at her Church in Evanston.  The church was hosting a group of Buddhist monks who were creating a beautiful Mandala.  They took the time to explain to us several of the symbols representing the different spiritual beliefs. 

Afterwards, we saw them in action.  Big Sister was very impressed and watched for what seemed to me as forever. I wish pictures could show how beautiful it was.  It contained almost a three dimensional feel.

Here is my blurry picture to show you a close up of their work. The masks are not because they were sick, (like Little Guy thought), but because they needed to be extra careful not to blow the sand away. 

While joining other homeschooling families for a meet-up on Thursday, we saw a few monarch caterpillars.  As soon as we got home we found one in our milk weeds.  Now we have two.  This time we will plan to stick around and watch them transform. 

Homeschooling update: I ordered a few science materials for our tree unit and they are on back order.  This will give us extra time to catch up to a new learning rhythm. We need to get back in the swing of things and adjust to what works for everyone. The kids are morning home learners and afternoon explorers. 
In the mist of getting our home learning time restarted, I am also planning our upcoming October adventure.  You only need a hint: It will be Pura Vida!

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