Sunday, August 9, 2015

Summer Learning IV

On Tuesday we visited the St. Charles History Museum.  It is not a museum that I would highly recommend, but the kids liked to look at the pickle related objects, and play with the bell.
Cost: Free

Right after, we walked over the Fox River to visit the Beith House Museum.  The kids were really into learning and finding about old artifacts. Above, they were digging for fragments that will give them clues to the past.
Cost: Free

On Wednesday we visited a park in the morning, and had visitors in the afternoon.  I turned on the sprinkler and the kids got to enjoy getting soaked on a hot day. 
Can you see the leaves? The weather is changing quickly.  Fall is approaching a little bit too soon for my taste :(

On Friday, and quite by accident, we ended up at Cosley Zoo. We went to Windfield to meet our neighbors for pretzels at Gnarly Knots.  After we picked up our pretzels we needed a place to eat them.  The closest place I could think of was the little zoo.
Price: $5 per adult kids are free

On Saturday, we visited a brand new park in South Elgin.  We had a wonderful time in a beautiful park enjoying the company of some friends.  Sadly I didn't take any pictures.  We will surely go back there soon. 
Very close to the park was the Fox Valley Trolley Museum. We went to explore the trains, and to go for a short ride.  The kids got to test the bells. 
Cost: $12 for the ride. 

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