Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer Learning III

Tuesday: We visited Rivendell Alpaca Farm.
 Mrs. Muirhead guided us through her morning feeding routines.  She allowed the kids to serve the food and water, add vitamins, and pet her beautiful creatures.  It was a fantastic experience.
cost: A big thank you! 

Wednesday: I found the kids on top of their desks looking out the window.  Big Sister spotted "our" raccoon.  The big difference this time: she was not alone!  She had three babies walking next to her. To see them, click on the picture to get the original size.  You can see the mom in front of the table and the babies near her (look on top of the table).
Pardon my photo, I am by no way an expert on wildlife photography.

Later Wednesday morning, we met two homeschooling families by the pond.  The kids were catching fish, tadpoles, and bugs!  I hope to be able to continue to participate in similar events and meet others who have chosen the homeschooling route. 
Cost: free

After lunch we stopped by the Batavia Depot Museum. It is a cozy museum with another fun scavenger hunt.  Little Guy was really into writing clues.  Big Sister was excited to play with the sticks.  I was impressed by the huge musical box. We all loved the melodies it played.  
Cost: free

On Thursday we were back at Cantigny park to celebrate its 60th anniversary and Colonel McCormick's birthday.  The whole place was a big party with lots of activities and performances.

We got to sing happy birthday to "Colonel McCormick" and eat cupcakes! 

The kids had a blast getting wet in the water fountains, and dancing in the hula show.
Cost: free

On Friday we visited Kline Creek Farm.  Big Sister was just hanging out by the fence looking at the horses when this big fellow (a Clydesdale) came over for a visit!
She petted, kissed, and hugged him!

For the day's chores, the kids were making ice cream the old fashion way.  They helped with the ice, and churning the cream. 
Cost: Free

On Saturday I was working on a marketing event at the Morton Arboretum. My husband and kids got to enjoy the park while I talked to parents about language classes for children. The kids went to explore the lego exhibits displaying different animals and insects. 

The park was having special activities and presentations from Asia.  By far the kids' favorite was the sumo wrestlers.  Little Guy was able to go on stage and "push" one wrestler over!
Cost: Free... since I was working :)

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