Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Home Learning 8/25/15

Today we went back to the learning room.  We are enjoying the opportunity to watch our caterpillars grow and transform.

Our caterpillars are growing fast.  Our oldest is already in its chrysalis (see below) 

Here is our habitat.  I took the lid off to try to take a picture.  If you click on the picture to turn in into its original size you can see the caterpillar that is eating the leaf at the bottom, and the chrysalis hanging from the top. The kids are in charge of collecting milkweeds leaves to feed our youngest and very hungry caterpillar.

With some stamps in hand, we decided to make little booklets to show the stages of the butterfly's life cycle. As they stamped, labeled, and colored their images, I was reading the book about monarch butterflies.  We also pulled out some math materials to understand how many eggs a butterfly can lay (400), how much the caterpillar can grow in two weeks (50 times its original size!), and how long a butterfly can be (4 inches from tip to tip). 

The kids received this awesome present from their aunt and uncle last winter.  Big Sister was very excited to build, and even to put the pieces away.

The kids wrote too.  Little Guy's handwriting is rusty, and needs a few refreshers.  Overall, the writing portion of the day was like before our break,  Everyone was focused and excited to share something memorable to them. Big Sister wrote about my cousin's birthday at a park.  Little Guy wrote about the sumo wrestler. 

Above, Big Sister is reading a book to Little Guy.  

We are going to take it slow this week as we get back to finding a routine that works for everyone. 

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