Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Learning I

A few weeks in pictures:

In late June we decided to use the Passport to Adventure book to discover Nature Centers, and Museums around our area.  We took the bikes and rode on paved trails, and visited some wonderful exhibits.  Above, we were at Creek Bend Nature Center, and the LeRoy Oaks trails. 

At the Durant House Museum, the kids were challenged to complete chores like doing laundry, and collecting water.  The kids loved this museum simply because the guides are actual children dressed up like in the old times.  Our lovely guide was only 9 years old.  She kept my two kids exploring and learning as she played with vintage toys, and gave us a tour of the house.

We visited an airshow to watch remote controlled planes.  The kids were thrilled to see the small pilots inside the planes.

The Elgin Museum of Natural History and Anthropology.
Upon entrance, and after stamping our passport, we were given a sheet of paper for a fun scavenger hunt challenge.  Since the museum is small, it was perfect for the kids and their friend to find all the requested items.  It included the tyrannosaurs' head that moved and startled us all!

Very close to the museum, we found the Elgin zoo.  The kids saw bison, elk, and farm animals including alpacas.

We also visited the Pioneer Sholes School, and learn about how it was to be in an actual school building.  After visiting a few of these one room schools, I am sure my kids think all schools are like this one :P

Note: All the places we visited from the the Passport to Adventure were free of charge. 
Next, I taught a Spanish summer camp.  My kids joined me for three days.  We learned with 5 other students about cowboys and the wild west through games in Spanish.  They played pin the tail on the horse, catch cows with the lasso, dress-up the cowboy, and off course "horse racing" games.  At the same time they were learning prepositions and possessive pronouns.
The summer camp was free for my kids, and I got paid to teach!

Finally, I worked in a marketing event at the Eyes to the Sky Festival.  I played with kids teaching them colors and numbers in Spanish.  It was amazing to be able to see the hot air balloons go up and simply float away.

After all that fun, and all the hard work, we all got sick.  We all got a cold, and Big Sister had a sore throat that turned out to be an infection.  It has been taking us over a while to recover but we hope to get back into good health soon.  In the meantime, the kids are still writing journal entries, and revisiting math games.  We don't have a selected learning theme or goal at the moment.  We are simply exploring the nearby places to find that something that will spark great interest.
I think our summer will include writing, read-a-louds (we are reading El Sobrino del Mago from the chronicles of Narnia), some math, and a lot of exploring from the Passport to Adventure book. 

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