Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer learning II

We have been busy exploring Kane and DuPage counties with our new friends.
Here are all the places we have visited in the past few days:

Cantigny Park and Museum.  Above you can see the kids painting with mud, using an old typewriter, and right in front of Colonel McCormick's home. This time we went for the full hour tour.  The kids behaved very well.  Big Sister even asked a question. I loved the kitchen and the two main bedrooms.  cost: $5 parking fee per car

Peck Farm's butterfly house: All three kids got the butterflies crawling on their fingers.  We also visited the small nature center, and the playground for some water splashing fun. 
Cost:$1 donation per person

Tuesday (am)
Red Oak Nature Center and Lippold Park: It has been a favorite destination for my kids.  The walking path that connects the two is just wonderful.  We enjoyed the nature center, the cave, the ponds, and the park
cost: FREE

Tuesday (pm)
Knock Knolls: We visited this nature center to meet my cousin who was celebrating her birthday.  We had a wonderful time exploring the award winning eco-friendly building, the beautiful grounds, and the playground.
Cost: FREE

Hickory Knolls Discovery Center: The kids really know this place by heart. We have visited here many times since it opened.  We actually got to see the indoor murals be painted.  We took a hike that got interrupted by mother nature (see the cost below)
Cost: Free but the mosquitoes got a feast out of us!

Fabyan Villa & Japanese Garden: The grounds of the garden are small but very well taken care off.  It was a special gem not too far from home.  I am sure we'll go back to visit very soon.  The Villa Museum was very interesting with a neat collection of artifacts.
Cost: $3 donation

Since it has been very hot, we took a turn for the splash grounds.  
Cost: Free

By the way, while at the splash park playground, Big Sister discovered she can do the monkey bars all by herself!

Blackberry Farm:  Also a place we have visited many times in the past.  This time we actually payed to go in.  We usually go on free days only when schools are still in session.  It gets too crazy when everyone is on vacation.  I would say that it is worth every penny to not have to be waiting in long lines.  
Cost: $20 for two kids and one adult. Inside the park every ride is included.  

On Saturday, My husband had the kids while I was substituting in Naperville.  We decided (very last minute) to camp at Blackwell Forrest Preserve. Early on Sunday morning we went on a little canoe trip. We saw little fish and enjoy the early cooler weather.   
Price: $10/H for canoe rental. 
Later we visited the Moser Tower & Millennium Carillon.  The kids went inside and took the tour with my husband on Saturday. 

Next, we visited the Napper settlement.  This was a pricey place for what it offers, and what we are used to visit.  If you are a Naperville resident it is free! If you are like us, lets just say that we are better off going to Cantigny or Blackberry Farm. Nevertheless, I learned how to churn butter, and the kids got to see a barber, and a blacksmith in action. 

Monday again!!!!
We started the week visiting Primrose Farm. A working farm here in St. Charles.  When we arrived we got to see how the milk gets separated.  I got to taste fresh milk.
Price: Free

For those of you who do not live in this fantastic neck of the woods, I highly recommend a visit. Let me know, I will help you plan a vacation!

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