Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Vacation Learning: Road Trip to Canada 6/10/15 pm and 6/11/15)

After playing at Wasaga Beach, the kids took a nap while I drove us to Algonquin Provincial Park.   

The kids and I were very excited to experience our first stay in a yurt.  They loved the bunk bed configuration and decided to sleep on the top bed. 

Before bedtime, we took a lovely walk around the campground and to Lake Mew. 

Above, the kids getting ready to sleep. 

The next morning we did a few little hikes.  We covered Hardwood Lookout, Peck Lake, parts of Mizzy Lake, and Beaver Pond while looking for the golden opportunity to spot a moose. 

We found one at the Visitor Center. Even though it was a stuffed animal, we enjoyed looking at it. 

We used the telescopes at the Visitor Center's viewing deck.

The kids were not about to give up.  We were still looking for our moose!

We even rented a canoe.  I have never canoe before, and we just couldn't get very far.  It was a lot of fun anyway. Still, no moose sighting for us. 

We were getting towards the end of our day and decided to get our toes wet at Canisbay Lake before heading back to Collingwood.

As we were exciting the park, just pass Tea Lake, there it was! The moose we were looking for!  Sorry about my crappy picture of the moose's behind. I was pulling over to take a picture and it moved quickly! 
Then again, almost to the West Gate, another moose was just waiting for us to take its picture.  By then, I had already put my camera away.  I was able to take a quick picture with my phone.  I hope to include the picture soon.  

The kids were exhausted!  They fell sleep in  the car all the way back to Collingwood.  I strolled them in at almost 11:00 pm.  Algonquin Park was a fantastic place for us.  I wish we had more time there.  We will surely return soon.
YES! I found it.... Look at that cute cow mouse looking at us!!!

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