Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Vacation Learning: Road Trip to Canada (6/13/15)

On the 13th day of our Road trip, we drove to the Bruce Peninsula.  Upon our arrival, we jumped on the Bruce Anchor Cruise boat to visit Flowerpot island. (note: children 5 and under are free)  

On the way, we passed right on top a few sunken ships that are part of the Fanthom Five Marine National Park, 

It was a neat experience to see the shipwrecks through the boat's glass floor. 

The water was so clear and still that we were able to see the shipwrecks as we went next to them. 

On our way to Flowerpot Island, even in this foggy day, we still got to see the lighthouse above.

The first picture shows the kids spotting the smallets of the two "flowerpots."  The second picture is from the trail we hiked to see the rock formations up-close.

It was beautiful.

The kids had to step in the gorgeous crystal clear waters, and run around to scare some more birds. After some snacks and playing in the water, we took another boat back to Tobermory.

That night were were going to camp.  The kids helped put up the tent. 

Before it got too dark, and knowing that the next day was going to rain, we decided to go to visit the Grotto at Bruce Peninsula National Park.  It is a 35 minute hike away from the campgrounds at Cyprus Lake. 

Once the tent was set, we skipped along our way to the Grotto.

The water all around was also crystal clear and inviting.

Above, Big Sister was making rock formations.

Both kids joined other children and adults skipping rocks.  The place was crowded but with plenty of room for everyone.  It was very unique to be able to hear people speaking many different languages, and represent many different cultures in just one place. 

The Grotto!

Before leaving, we witnessed crazy young men jumping from the cliff.  Please do not attempt! One of the cliff divers almost drown right in front of our eyes. 

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