Friday, June 19, 2015

Vacation Learning: Road Trip to Canada (6/17/15)

On our last day in London, we were invited to eat breakfast at our new friends' house. We combined great conversation, kids happily playing, and Colombian arepitas to make a memorable play date. With tears in Little Guy's eyes, we said our good byes to great new friends. 

We headed to the London Children's Museum.  It is an interactive museum with lots to do.  It had a dinosaur area where the kids got dirty digging for fossils.

We visited a replica of an old Canadian school house in the Child Long Ago exhibit.

Big Sister was a Fish, and Little Guy was a Jellyfish at the Jellyfish Junction exhibit.  Playing with sand and dressing up was a highlight of our visit. 

We moved to out of space as we watched a special presentation in the planetarium.  Big Sister dressed up, and explored the things astronauts use.

They had more dress up opportunities at the My Arctic Discovery exhibit.  Becoming a polar bear, and a walrus, they played by the igloos.

For some very active time in preparation for the next stretch of the road trip to MI, they enjoyed the indoor playground, and playing dodge ball in the atrium.  

At the cafeteria area you can see a whale skeleton as well as a replica of a humpback's flukes. 

On the third floor, we enjoyed the pretend neighborhood that included a grocery store, house, post office, gas station, construction site, fire house, police headquarters, bank, and even a McDonald's. They kids were in heaven! 

Tired and ready, we headed from London to Sarnia for our last few important stops. #1 We got Canadian cookies...and

.. #2 we had a sandwich and donuts at Tim Horton's.  
We crossed the border with no issues, except a surprised immigration officer that was impressed by my courage to take two little ones on a road trip by myself.  In fact, a lot of people that we met on the way made the same comment.  The thing they don't know is that I had my husband as my private travel agent.  He was always just a text message away. Thanks to him, we didn't get lost, and we found locations, hours, and reservations for anything we needed. I wouldn't have been able to make it without his technical support! 

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