Thursday, June 18, 2015

Vacation Learning: Road Trip to Canada (6/14/15)

After a rainy night in a tent, we started our day early at the laundromat in Tobermory.  We needed to get Big Sister's blanket, and jacket cleaned.

From there we headed to the National Parks Visitor Center.  This unique center includes information, artifacts, animals, and much more related to the flora, fauna, and human involvement in the Bruce Peninsula National Park, and the Fathom Five Marine Park. 

Half of the exhibits relate to the amazing landforms, and habitats in the peninsula and the islands.  The other half is all about the water, animals and shipwrecks around the marine park.

Big Sister and I were fascinated by the items that were extracted from the sunken ships. 

We climbed all the way up this viewing tower. 

Next we started driving south.  We stopped to take a look at the Sauble falls.

We also stopped to play at Sauble Beach.  Behind the kids all we could see was fog.

We made it to our next sleeping arrangement at McGregor Provincial Park.  It is just a bit south of Port Elgin.  We stayed at another yurt.  I have to add that this one was beautifully clean and like my kids said: "it smelled so nice."

At night, the yurt's roof was magical.  It let just enough light in to almost look like squared constellations.  The site we picked was gorgeous and conveniently located by a path to what Canadians call "comfort station".  It simply is a very clean bathroom with hot showers, and even laundry machines.  After a long day driving and exploring, we were ready for bed.


  1. Ooh I would love to stay in a yurt! How fun. I've been to the Scottish island of Tobermory, how cool that there's one in Canada too.

  2. I highly recommend them. I will be looking for some closer to home too. I will look for info regarding the Scottish Island of Tobermory ;)


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