Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Vacation Learning: Road Trip to Canada. (6/8/15)

We spent the day here in Collingwood, ON.  It is a little town with a lot to do. 
First, we visited the Candy Factory in town for a look at how chocolate is made and a little treat.  It is a very small place with a good selection of treats. 

Next, we visited Elephant Thoughts.  A very neat place to explore with a great cause to help educate children in impoverished areas. 

We had some coloring time...

...and a peculiar lemur to look at. 

Later, we went to Sunset Beach and Park.

The water was freezing, but they wanted to jump in.

Finally, some time at the hotel pool.


  1. That water does look very inviting - so clear! Good for your guys taking a dip. :-)

  2. Lucinda,
    It was freezing cold. I didn't get in. The kids didn't complain and kept on going back in. At the end, Big Sister fell in and got totally soaked. She loved it.


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