Friday, June 5, 2015

Vacation Learning: Road Trip to Canada. (6/5/15)

Our day started with a visit to Journey behind the Falls.  The picture above was taken just before entering the attraction.  

There were two tunnel-like viewing areas, and one outside view point.  The kids enjoyed the second one the most.  The view was spectacular.

Next, we visited the flower showhouse.  

We took a stroll at the white water walk. 

Finally, we went on the Whirlpool Aero car to see it all from above. 

We stopped at this picturesque shop to get post cards for the kids' penpals. 
We loved taking the WeGo bus all aound the attractions.  We also loved walking through the Oakes Garden to get to our hotel,

Oakes Garden.

In the hotel room, the kids worked on their journals, and their Ontario folders.  They were checking off the attractions that we visited, the animals they have encountered, and the hotels we have called home for the night.  

The kids took a well needed nap.

At 10:00 pm we were able to see the fireworks on top of the falls right from our hotel room. Big Sister is scared of the fireworks' loud noises.  To be able to see it from inside a room, made it possible  for her to enjoy the fireworks for the very first time. 

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