Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Vacation Learning: Road Trip to Canada. (6/3/5)

Good bye Detroit....

...Hello Canada!

The kids and I love the rest stops!  In Canada, they are called "On Route Centers." 
Above, we stopped at Tilbury's which is the closest one to Windsor, ON.  In the tourist information station inside, we were offered treats, lemonade, maps, and a wonderful welcome.

Big Sister was very excited to get a cookie shaped like a maple leaf.

Yes! They were dancing in the bathroom.

Ready to be on our last stretch of the day after our stop at the On Route Center in Dutton. 

For today's adventure we visited Storybook Gardens. 

We found climbing structures...

...lots of parks....

...and new friends.  It was a wonderful day!  
We met a Colombian mom and her kids.  My kids loved meeting and playing with them.  We took pictures (sorry not posted to keep privacy), exchange info and hopefully we will meet them again on our way back home.  Not often do I get to meet another fellow citizen that has kids about the same age as mine, and homeschools,  There is just too much in common!

Just before we exited the park Little Guy spotted this unicorn for his Sister.

Our home for the night in London, ON.

The kids writing on their journals just before bedtime. 


  1. We met some other homeschoolers on our travels, too. So much fun! Canada is one of my wishlist destinations. I spent half a day on Vancouver Island once, but I think there is a lot more to see!

  2. Lucinda,
    To us it is such a treat to meet homeschoolers. The fact that the family we met was a Spanish-English bilingual family, makes it even more special.
    To be honest with you, Canada was not even in my list of places to visit. The idea of the whole trip started after reading about your trip. I knew I wanted to go on a road trip, and after a lot of researching, exchanging a time share that was going to expire, and using up every single hotel point from my husband's credit card, Canada offered us more than any other destination. Now that I am here, I can't believe how gorgeous it is!


Thank you for sharing!