Friday, June 26, 2015

Home Learning: Week of June 21st-26th

First of all, I have to say that I don't like doing weekly posts.  It always turns out to be too long. Nevertheless, I am accumulating way too many pictures so here it goes:
I found out that I will not be teaching Spanish this summer.  Instead, I am trying to get busy participating in different marketing events. On Sunday, I went to work at the Morton Arboretum.  My husband took the opportunity and also took the kids to the Arboretum for a fun-filled day.
Big Sister had a Ballet lesson.

Both kids played in the Children's Garden.  They gathered tadpoles, and played outdoor the whole day.  Note: I need to give my husband credit for the pictures.  I was busy at a table talking to parents about Language Stars, and getting their kids to learn a bit of Spanish. 

At home we journaled a lot. We are catching up.  Little Guy is skipping stops, Big Sister wants to write about each one.

I am not even sure what day it was, but we had an air show right in our backyard.  Early in the morning this plane kept on going back and forth, and the kids were beyond excited!

We have a new neighbor. Hint: he is not human and it is sitting on top of the kids' table.  (It is a raccoon!)

I took the kids on a bike ride, and to walk by a creek.

Little Guy and Big Sister got math books.  They are the student book for first grade Everyday Mathematics.  I loved the program when I was a teacher.  It is in Spanish and it gives ample room to use manipulatives to make learning concepts a more concrete experience.  
Little guy was learning how to add and write tally marks.

Big Sister was learning to count pennies and nickles. 
The math book helps me include a little math during the summer without a lot of preparation. 

Today's journal was very special. Big Sister was writing about all the wild animals she saw at Algonquin Park. She used miniatures to help her draw and color them. 

Talking about journals, here is a recap of all the journal entries the kids have made about our trip.  There is still a few to come. 
Little Guy:
He wrote about our visit to the zoo on our first day on the road.  He also wrote about Waterloo Recreational Area in MI.  He was  excited to write about the turtle eating a worm.

He wrote about going on the Hornblower boat around Niagara Falls, and about our visit to Toronto.  He was specially surprised when a street performer dressed up like Spiderman carry him while I took a picture.  
Next, he wrote about Collingwood and the scenic caves.

Next he wrote about Algonquin, and meeting his penpal in person.
He also wrote about Flowerpot Island, and the sunken ships.  On his last entry, he wrote about the snapping turtle we helped get away from the road. 

Big Sister wrote about the zoo, Waterloo park, and meeting new friends at Storybook Gardens.

She wrote about Niagara Falls' boat, waterfalls, and the evening lights and fireworks. 

She wrote about Sunset Beach, the caves, Wasaga Beach, and Algonquin Park.  I love how she was very determined to draw every animals on her own.  
We are settling on a little rhythm.  We will continue to work in the learning room, but keeping a flexible schedule that allows us to explore and enjoy the summer. 

We started to use the Passport to Adventure to Museums and Nature Centers in our area.  Most of them are free and gives the opportunity to learn through hands-on experiences.  It will be a fun-filled summer!


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