Monday, June 1, 2015

Vacation Learning: Road Trip to Canada. (6/1/15)

We left this morning!
Planning for a three week road trip was hard work.  Packing for it was harder!  I brought a giant cooler, and extra cooler for wheeling in and out, a portable pantry, lots of sand toys, a stroller, clothes and two excited kids (look at their hands in the picture! Hint: they are in their car seats).  

Our first stop was Brookfield Zoo.
We needed to break a four hour drive to our overnight stay.  The zoo was in our path, and with tickets at hand (Big Sister got them for her birthday), we ventured off to visit.  We met a friend and her daughters there and had a great time.  

The gorillas were just resting and posing for pictures.

The kids enjoy a bird show with very interesting specimens.

We watched this grizzly bear for a long time.  It kept on getting in and out of the water

This very curious penguin was checking them out.

We finished our visit with the dolphin show.

Good bye Chicago, Illinois! The traffic in the city was actually pretty good for the city standards.  The kids were taking a nap that last 3 hours.

When they woke up, we were at our first stop, Kalamazoo MI. 

Kari, Thank you for the zoo tickets.  We truly enjoyed it!


  1. How exciting! Have a wonderful trip. I love the look of your organized trunk! Is that the right word? Here we say 'boot' but you might wonder what I'm talking about if I said that! In Spain I talked about about our road trip so much that learned it's a 'maletero', which makes a lot of sense. :-)

    1. Thanks Lucinda! In Colombia, I called it "baul" (accent mark on the u ... my Spanish key board is at home). It literally translates to trunk, and that is how I call it here. What you don't see is the two plastic containers that have grocery bags with clothing for each destination. I copied the idea from this wonderful post I added the "pantry" to be able to easily find snacks, and things I need to get food ready. We enter Canada tomorrow. We are super excited!


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