Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Home Learning 5/4-5 /15


Picnic season has started for us.  We found this park just a few minutes away from the pool. It is the perfect place to eat lunch, play, and be on time for family open swim.

The kids were practicing reading outside.  This picture was taken while waiting for their Mandarin lesson. 

At home we did a bit of yard work.  Big Sister helped with the trash can that is twice her size.

Tuesday: The kids had learning goals to add to our board.  Big Sister wanted to write in her journal, and read on her own. Little Guy was excited to start learning about Ontario, Canada.

Big Sister wrote about a robotic horse (it walks!) she bought at the rummage sale.  Little Guy wrote about his transformer robot. 
Robot and walking horse = $1
Time spent happily playing and being inspired to write = priceless

Both kids have been working with a 1st grade Math book.  I am still deciding what I want to use in terms of Math in the future.  For now, I am grateful for the ideas.  It gives me the opportunity to see what areas we need to tend to.  Since we are doing a lot of adding, we still use a lot of manipulatives to make the concepts more concrete. 

New learning folder: Canada!  We will be including the interesting facts and bucket list of activities for our upcoming trip to southern Ontario.  

We started with geography.  Where in the world is Canada?  We used the globe to see the continents, the world puzzle to find North America, and the North America puzzle to find Canada. 

They colored Ontario and added it to the folder. We learned that we will be visiting a temperate forest area with lost of neat landforms (waterfalls, lakes, islands, bays, and one peninsula.  We will be using the Waseca biome stamps, and a few books to learn about this particular biome.  I am hoping to use the Plant &Animal stamps to research what we will encounter, or what we look forward to see.  

As you will see, I am busy trying to plan our road trip to Canada.  I am spending my nights doing a lot of research in regards of routes, and destinations.  We will be looking to enjoy the natural wonders of the area (Canadians, and those who have been in the Ontario area, please send recommendations!). 
I will try to post every other day, but if the weather is nice, please know that we are outside enjoying it!

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  1. Holaaaa!!!! Me encanta!! ya todo se ve verde!!!! Interesante dia, y me encantó el trabajo de Geografía y los Biomas!!!! Bello!!!!! Un abrazo!


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