Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Catching Up...Home Learning up to 5/24/15

Almost another week went by without time to blog.  It was a difficult week with an unpleasant surprise. I went to see my doctor for a knee pain, and to check on what I though was Poison Ivy.  I found out I have shingles!  Luckily, it is not painful, but it is very inconvenient.  
The kids have been playing non-stop with their magnatiles. Above you can see them showing you their work.  

We visited Cantigny Park again, specially the tadpoles at the Idea Garden.

At home, they were working on Ontario related materials.  Above you can see Big Sister sorting southern Ontario's animals in the water, air, and land trays. 

We continued to learn about Ontario's landforms.  In addition to island, peninsula, and lake, I introduced archipelago, bay, and lake system.  

The kids got their hands dirty creating landforms with play-doh.

Above, Little Guy was pouring water on his archipelago, while Big Sister was finishing her flowerpot Island.

The kids transferred their new knowledge to their Ontario learning folders.

Above you can see the replicas of Lake Huron, Flowerpot Island, and the cluster of islands (archipelago) near Bruce Peninsula.

Little Guy colored, labeled, and glued his landform drawings.

Later on, we covered the lake system of the Great Lakes.  We filled in the lakes with a water dropper. 

Here are the pictures I found to study our landforms.  Little Guy was matching them to the label, and image cards. We are very excited to have the opportunity to visit islands near the Bruce peninsula, the beaches in the Georgian bay, and three of the Great Lakes on our upcoming trip.

In Math, we learned about the Canadian coins.  We looked for small replicas for each of the images on the coins.  A penny has a maple leaf, a dime has a sailing boat, a toonie has a polar bear...etc.  We then talked about how much each coin is worth using the golden beads.

Just for fun, we added the value of all the coins.  

In their folders, they added a picture of their favorite coin and its value.  Big Sister is looking forward to getting a toonie because she loves polar bears, and because it is the most valuable. 

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