Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Catching up..Home Learning up to 5/18/15

I was busy the past few days.   First, my aunt, uncle and cousin came to visit us from Colombia. We enjoyed their company and loved the opportunity to be surrounded by Spanish speakers!  I am very proud of how bilingual my kids are.
The following week, my husband was away for a business trip and the Little Guy was having a cold.  It was a tough few days.  Even with a sick one, and while running the house and homeschool by myself, we still got some learning time.
Mostly, we are focusing on learning about Ontario. 

The kids and I have been watching travel guide type DVD's and reading books about the areas we will be visiting.  They created a destination wishlist with pictures of the places or things they want to see.  They glued the pictures and labeled them to the back of their Ontario folders.  #1 in Little Guy's list is Casa Loma (I think he just likes saying "Casa Loma").  #1 in Big Sister's list is the illumination on Niagara Falls.  Both of them want to go to Toronto, and Wasaga beach. Big Sister also wants to see the mounted police's horses.    

I visited the site Canadian Geographic and printed a list of images from their animal fact page.  Then, one by one, we looked for the animals to see if they were going to be in the area we will be visiting.  Sadly for Little Guy, wolverines do not reside in southern Ontario.  In the third picture, one excited Big Sister found out that there will be ladybugs in Ontario too.  

Above, Little Guy was marking the animals we are and aren't likely to see based on the information from the website's maps.  They cut out those we might encounter.  

We used the Waseca stamps on the inside of their folder.  Using the cut outs, they made columns with pictures of reptiles, invertebrate, birds, and mammals.  I need to look for some local freshwater fish, and amphibians. 

Here is a picture of Big Sister's folder after she sorted all the little images.

The following day, we used the small replicas to cover up the images. 

The kids also learned about trees in Ontario.  I know there are many different types of trees.  I focused their attention on five: olmo, arce de azúcar, arce rojo, pino, y álamo (elm, sugar maple, red maple, pine, and aspen). They placed the small replicas next to the images they cut, glued, and labeled.  Each tree got a leave and a tree picture. 

After that, we went out to look for those same trees.  We found an aspen tree, and plenty of maple.

They also found a pine, and some giant maple leaves. 

We still have more to learn about Ontario, but also want to join other homeschoolers at local outings.  Our calendar for the next two weeks is a bit crazy!

I am learning how to get organized for our trip from here.  I am using traveling forums to learn more about our destination, and its local attractions.  

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