Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Home (and Field trip: Blackberry Farm) Learning 5/19/15

In  the morning we joined other homeschoolers for a visit to  Blackberry Farm.  We enjoyed the farm and historic museum a lot last summer, but there is something new to discover at every visit.  This time, the kids and I were excited to find the weaving and thread making house.  We also got to watch how pottery is painted and glazed.

This year, the farm also had a few of these amazing tricycles.  Big Sister did all the pedaling while little Guy relaxed in the back. I would love to get one for us.

At home, we continued to add destinations to our Ontario folder.  As our itinerary is  getting more activities, I am telling the kids with the pictures about the wonderful places I am so excited to take them.  We still have room for a lot of flexible days, but we have a long list of places we don't want to miss. I hope to include an itinerary, and a review when we get back.  I am very  grateful to so many strangers that took the time to type lists of attractions with web links for my convenience. If you are planning a trip.  I highly recommend's forums.   

As we talked about our destinations, we also were learning about geography by studying the different land forms of southern Ontario.  For today we only revisit the ones we knew from our trip to Cancún.  Big Sister remembered the peninsula, island and cenote. By looking at the maps we changed the cenote for a lake ;).  

Using the animal replicas we now know reside in southern Ontario, the kids populated the land forms.  I am keeping this replicas handy. 

I also wanted to add a few pictures of past journals.  Little Guy wrote about going to see the movie Avengers (Los Vengadores).  He loves to draw the superheroes by looking at his books.

As he was working on building a Junior lego set, he also journal about his creations. I helped him with the motorcycle.

Big Sister wrote about going to see the Avengers, and going to Cantigny Park with my relatives.

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