Friday, April 3, 2015

Spring Break

5 reasons why we took a Spring Break:

1. The weather has been wonderful!  We live in Illinois, and after the past long cold winter we needed to enjoy every sunny day to the fullest!
2. My son's birthday was during spring break.
3. Our friends who go to school were able to hang out with us!
4. I could take a break from preparing materials.  Instead I was gathering ideas for our trip around the Great Lakes, and our unit on horses.
5. My husband took Tuesday off for Little Guy's birthday, and is also home today (Friday) because of the holiday.

Here are some pictures of the things we are doing this "Spring Break"

Team Hot Vs Team Cool Chemistry match! 
The students from the chemistry club at Northern Illinois University organized an epic battle that left us in awe!  Above, fire bubbles, methane filled water jug, liquid nitrogen explosion, and burning a gummy bear! They also had underwater fire, rainbow fire, glowing ice, etc. 

The students also offered free liquid nitrogen ice cream after the experiments.

On Saturday, the Sycamore Midwest Museum of Natural History put together a Luau! The kids were able to do crafts, learn a dance, and enjoy Hawaiian food. 

Geo catching has become a lot of fun.  The kids were excited to find treasures in the woods.

Ok, to be honest, we did visit the learning room during the spring break,  We opened our horse anatomy model.   Big Sister was excited to put all its pieces together.  

She also was determined to make pictures of horses with different manes. Later, she decided to match her horse models to her pictures.

Little Guy sewing Batman.

I love this picture of Little Guy trying to fly his Styrofoam plane. 

Little Guy got legos for his birthday and has been very happy to be able to build the sets.

The kids did a lot of playing in the backyard with their neighbors.

It has been a very fun week!


  1. Happy Easter, Silvana! It looks like you're having a lovely break. The science show looks especially fun! Happy belated birthday to your little guy. It's my son's birthday today - his big sister is in Switzerland so we're very happy to have his daddy around today (Good Friday it's a public holiday here in the UK). Enjoy the rest of your break. :-)

  2. Hi Lucinda,
    Happy Birthday to your son too!
    The chemistry night demo was tons of fun for the whole family. Little Guy was chosen to vote for a team. He voted for the Cool Team because the liquid nitrogen bomb was his favorite experiment. Big Sister voted for the Hot Team because she liked the dragon's fire experiment.


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