Friday, April 10, 2015

Home Learning 4/9/15

Little Guy is obsessed with the Avengers.  For his birthday, we got him a set of books telling each character's story. He knows all their real names and super heroes nicknames. He has never seen a superhero show, but his imagination is all he needs at this point.  The books are simple and with a good message. 

Today he decided to journal about his superheroes.  He was excited to draw them all.

Big Sister decided to journal about her barbie and horse set. She was also very excited to illustrate her entry.

Big Sister used a horse image to trace.  Little Guy drew almost all of his heroes on his own.  I helped him with Captain America's shield and the eyes.  Both kids were very proud of their work.  They spent the majority of the learning time working on their journals.

Little Guy moved on to reading the sound ge and gi on his reader.  

After his reading practice, we covered the last part of letter g.  We learned about güi and güe.  

Here are the objects we had to explore: bilingüe, cigüeña, pingüino, ungüento, and paragüita (bilingual, stork, penguin, ointment, and little umbrella).  We ran out of dots for the u and used the ones for the letter j and even accent marks. 

Here are both notebooks

Here is Big Sister's self portrait. She included hola and Nín Hao.


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