Thursday, April 9, 2015

Home Learning 4/8/15

Today we continued learning about the letter g.  This time we focused on the ge and gi sounds.
After listening to the story, the kids explored the sound objects.  We had: gelatina, muñeco de jengibre, gemas, girasol, raíz de gengibre, and gemelas (jell-o gingerbread man, gems, sun flower, ginger root, and girl twins).

Here are the kids working with their movable alphabets. 

Here is a picture of their word work. This notebook will be a reference tool in the future when figuring out spelling rules.

Both kids were reading independently.  Little Guy was using his reader to review the sounds we covered the day before.  Big Sister was reading a small book about horses. 

In their journals, both kids wrote about my great uncle and great aunt's visit last weekend. 

In math, they estimated how many Easter chocolate eggs were in the jar.  They also used the golden bead squares to count by 100's.

Big Sister used the three part cards for the English Bridle. I found them for free here.  I also included a small horse replica with a bridal to identify each part.

Yesterday I found this Barbie and horse set for over 50% off its price. It was in the clearance section at Meijer.  Big Sister spent almost an hour grooming the horse, and pointing at each piece of the bridal. I think of it as an educational investment.

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