Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Home Learning 4/7/15

Little Guy started to read a lot on his own today.  He is very excited about reading all the sentences in his book.  

He also wrote half of the above letter to his very first pen pal. He dictated the questions he wanted to ask.  He was thrilled to received his letter, and wanted to reply right away.  He is very excited to get to know another boy who is homeschooling in Canada! We hope to get to meet him and his family while we visit Ontario this summer. 

Big Sister wrote about the Hawaiian Luau, dancing the hula, and making leis at the Midwest Natural History Museum in Sycamore.  She had a wonderful time and loves to show off the dance steps she learned.   

Here is little Guy coloring the images for words with gui and gue.

They had guerrero, guisante, águila, guepardo, juguetes and guitarra (warrior, peas, eagle, cheetah, toys, and guitar).

Above you can see both of their notebooks for working on words.

This was a last minute activity.  I pulled out a felt board and the felt pieces with horse related items. Big Sister and Little Guy placed the pieces on the board, and added labels. 

Little Guy wanted to try the same activity his sister did the day before.

Big Sister worked on the parts of the horse using the Montessori cards and puzzle.

Finally, we did a little bit of estimation.  They needed to figure out how many horses were in the jar. 

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