Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Home Learning 4/6/15

It is April already! Since we took a week off, Big Sister needed to put the numbers backwards on the calendar.

Both kids were working on their journals. Little Guy wrote about his birthday. Big Sister wrote about the Chemistry demo night.

We covered the first part of letter g.  It included the sounds ga, go, and gu.  Little Guy added gatos (cats) to his letters G and g. 

In the miniature sound objects we had: gorilla, ganchos, guante de beisból, gafas, gallina, gallo, gusano, gato, and golf (gorilla, hanger, baseball mitt, glasses, hen and rooster, worm, cat, and golf).

Both kids were working with their movable alphabets and the g words. 

Here are both vocabulary notebooks.

Little Guy used cookies to practice numbers from 1-10.  

Both kids counted tens with the golden bead materials.

Big Sister selected a set of horse related cards and miniature objects to match.  Little Guy wanted to do the horse puzzle on his own. 

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