Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Home Learning 4/28/15

Big Sister started the day reading a big book about horses. It took her a long while to read it, but she was determined to finish it on her own.  

Both kids wrote about their relatives visiting us on Sunday.  Little Guy wrote about all of them coming to visit to play with him.  He was excited to show them his horse learning folder. In his illustration, he drew hearts for the eyes.  He said that everyone was very loving.  
Big Sister wrote about drawing horses with them. She copied her brother and added hearts and flowers instead of eyes.  

The kids wanted to make shirts for their beloved stuffed animals.  They keep on going back to the fabric bin to continue to create pieces. For the shirts, we started by making a cardboard t-shirt template. Little Guy traced it on the back of his fabric.  I cut the fabric and taped the two sides together.  The tape was located where I didn't want him to sew.  He sewed the pieces together and took the tape apart. Finally he flipped the fabric inside out and put his new shirt on his toy cow. 

He was very pleased with his work.

Big Sister is still working on her t-shirt. She wanted to start by adding a horse image to the middle of her shirt.

We went for their riding lesson today.  They worked on good posture, steering, trotting, and posting. 


  1. Costura!!! me encanta!!! quedó bello!!! y Super valientes!!! jajajaja, me muero con un caballo tan cerca@!!lol

  2. ¡Al pequeñín le encanta la costura y los superheroes! Se toma un jugo verde de vegetales solo porque quiere ser como el hombre increible. Para serte franca, a mí también me daban miedo los caballos. Con la pasión equina de mi hija les he tomado mucho cariño.... Eso sí, a los ponis no los quiero ni en pintura. Uno me mordió en la pierna mientras le daba zanahorias a otro.


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