Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Home Learning 4/27/15

The kids were excited to start using their new tables and chairs. 

In her journal, Big Sister wrote two entries.  The first one was about getting her new table and chair from IKEA.  She loves the chair because it goes up and down. In her next entry, she wrote about the Monkey Kingdom movie.  We saw it on Friday afternoon. 
Little Guy also wrote about the movie.  He loved the baby monkey, and wants me to call him "monito."

Little Guy worked on counting and practiced writing numbers.

Big Sister had a little Math too.  She worked on patterns using geometric stamps.  

We had another set of words with W.  I had all these objects and couldn't resist it. They had: walkie-talkie, wapiti, webcam, Hawaiian, and the White House.   

Later in the day, Big Sister wanted to learn about the English saddle.  

We used three part cards, and a miniature Devon English Hunt Saddle. Since she takes lessons with an English speaking instructor, she needs to learn the parts of the bridal, and saddle in English.   

In her horse learning folder, she writes the names of the parts of the bridal, and saddle in Spanish.  We had to do a bit of research since I had no clue what each part was called. In the second picture above, you can see her copying the names of the parts from a sheet I printed out.

Little Guy is running out of space in his learning folder.  Still, he wanted to add his own saddle. 

Instead of labeling each part of the saddle, I had a little activity for him.  Using all their little people horse farm related pieces, I asked him to create a scene.  Then he had about 10 little labels in the green bucket at the top.  He read the label and placed it next to the corresponding object.  He had words like apples, vegetables, farmer, tractor...etc.

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