Friday, April 24, 2015

Home Learning 4/23/15

Big Sister uses these pictures to remember the direction of the letters when she writes.  She has difficulty remembering them when she is writing in script, but not so much when she writes in cursive. I am sure the letter characters help her a lot.

Little Guy was counting stickers in his math notebook.  As of lately we have been experimenting with Math.  I haven't been able to find something that help us keep Math going.  I need to do some research regarding the standards for Pre-K and Kindergarten.

In both of their journals they wrote about making the horse purse/pencil bag. Big Sister wrote about how much she likes it, and how she takes it everywhere.  Little Guy wrote about what he used to make it.

Here Big Sister is reading a book about horses.

For our horse related learning, Big Sister wanted to learn about horse markings.  They are many more names for all the other markings; but we focused on only four: star, snip, blaze, and strip. We used miniature horses to copy the markings.  I had to add a little white paint to include a horse with a blaze.  

Here are both kids working on their horse learning folder. 

Big Sister's legs were getting to be tight on her tiny table.  I had also noticed that she was hunching over the table.  We headed to IKEA to solve the problem.
She loved this adjustable pink chair. For their new desk, I decided to get simple white table tops with adjustable legs.

Above, my excited helpers are loading the car.

Late at night their new desks were ready.  Little Guy is using a little stepping stool for his feet.  The desks turned out to be the perfect size with room to keep on growing. 

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