Thursday, April 23, 2015

Home Learning 4/22/15

Little Guy wanted to journal about his horse cleaning accessories. He brought all the pieces to his desk to draw, and match colors.  

Big Sister wrote about the Epic Night of the Horse show at the Midwest Horse Fair.  She wrote about the dressage presentation, the acrobatic tricks, and the funny horse who kept on going away from the fairy. She wrote two pages!

For our working with words activity, we continued exploring letter W.  We had Willy (from free Willy), water polo, windsurf, Wisconsin, and Winter (from Dolphin Tale).

Here both kids were working with their movable alphabet.

We talked about proper nouns vs common nouns.  Looking at the picture I realize that they understood proper nouns when they wrote the name of the whale and dolphin characters.  I need to tell Big Sister to also use upper case with the name of places like Wisconsin. 

Big Sister worked on her horse vocabulary chart.  We looked for interesting horse related terms in her books.

Here is what her vocabulary chart looked like at the end of the day.

Here is Little Guy's learning folder.  He added the terms for mare, stallion, and foal.

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