Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Home Learning 4/21/15

We started our learning time with two very excited writers.  Both kids wanted to write about the Midwest Horse Fair.  Little Guy wrote about the show and the funny clown who did tricks on the horse. Big Sister wrote about the One-Arm Bandit and his tricks with the bisons.

As soon as they were finished with their journals, Big Sister asked to work with the fabrics.  She wanted to sew a purse with a horse.  Little Guy joined in too. First they sewed their horse image.

Then they sewed the edges inside out.  Big Sister is getting really good at the running stitch.

Little Guy flipping the fabric to reveal his new pencil holder.

Next they attached a button, and a piece of ribbon to both ends to create a handle.

Here is Little Guy finishing his last button.

Here is the final result.  They love their creations.

Since we spent most of the morning sewing, we din't have time for anything else.  After lunch we headed to Oros Saddlery in Batavia to look for some horse learning materials.  Big Sister wanted to get a miniature saddle to learn all its parts. Both kids took their new bags with them.

Little Guy wanted a special learning material too.  He picked this accessory set. He looked up the name of each item in the horse book.

He labeled each item by copying their names from the book. 

He played with the small replicas. He loves the manure!

Move over Barbie, Woody is a better rider!  He fits well on top of our new saddle. 

Big Sister finished the digestive track of the horse. 

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