Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Home Learning 4/20/15

Today we learned about the horse's basic organs.  I used the pamphlet that came with the horse anatomy model to cut up the images of the organs.  The kids matched the label cards with the small replicas.  

I made copies of a page from a horse coloring book we bought at the fair.  The image was showing the horse's digestive system.  Both kids colored their images by matching the organs included.  Above you can see Little Guy matching the intestines, and labeling it in his learning folder.

Little Guy was reading about animals big and small. He was thrilled to find a horse page.

In their journals, both kids wrote about last Thursday's visit to the Discovery Center.  Big Sister loved our stop for a sandwich at the highway oasis, and playing with the pretend drive through bank at the museum. Little Guy loved playing in the pretend supermarket, the water area, and the park.

Today we covered the last story from Letrilandia. For the sailor (W) we had stickers of Winnie Pooh, Woody, Wolverine, kiwi, sándwich, w, waffle, and Washington. These words are the same in Spanish and in English. 

Above you see both kids working with their movable alphabets.

Here are pictures of their work.

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