Thursday, April 16, 2015

Home Learning 4/15/15

Little Sister is literally counting the days to the Horse Fair. There isn't much else she wants to talk about.  She has already packed anything horse related that she owns to take with her.

Little Guy worked on the parts of the horse.  First he colored a picture of the horse that we glued on his learning folder.  Then he organized the 3 part cards.  Finally, he labeled each part on his own horse picture.

Above is a close up of his learning folder.  You can see the different breeds booklet, and his horse parts.

Big Sister continued to work on her research about each horse breed she will see at the fair.  She wrote about three more breeds including the Miniature horse.  I need to clarify something.  I have been reading the book to her in English simply because we don't have, and can't find a Spanish book about horse breeds.  After I read the two pages regarding the horse, she decides what is important or interesting about it.  She then writes it on her little sticky note in Spanish.  She is very good at translating already!

Besides learning about horses, we went swimming and out with a friend to play.  On our way back we found my very first order of Spanish books from Lectorum.  I have been looking for a place where I can get Spanish books written originally in Spanish.  I was thrilled to find 28 pages in their catalog devoted to what they called authentic literature.  It includes writers from Spain and all over Latin America.  For now, I am starting with books written by my Colombian compatriots.

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