Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Home Learning 4/14/15

As soon as we walked in the learning room, Little Guy wanted to journal about the horse scene.

Both kids wrote about what they used to create it.  We talked about possible story lines and will be working on a story together.

Little Guy worked with the reading rods to build words with g.

He used his reader to practice words with letter x.

Big Sister learned how to play "Mary had a Little lamb" on the xylophone. 

Both kids worked on their horse folder.  They were making notes about different breeds.  Little Guy labeled his horse stickers.  Big Sister did a little bit of research. Besides labeling each breed, she added a fact about the horse that caught her attention.   Her horse pictures came from cutting the schedule from last year's horse fair. 

Here is a picture of their work for the day. We will continue tomorrow.

   Little Guy also colored the pictures above and glued the logo for this year's fair. We are very excited! We will be on our way to Madison on Friday.

Both kids had a lesson in the afternoon.  They have been practicing their posting. Big Sister has developed good muscle strength on her lower legs and can hold her body up with the horse's rhythm. 

Finally, Big Sister was showing her teacher the parts of the English bridle.

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