Monday, April 27, 2015

Friday: Feeding Therapy Update

We skipped one feeding therapy session to be able to go to the Horse Fair in Wisconsin. 
During the past two weeks we had a few tough days feeding Big Sister.  It is a bit of a roller coaster, or perhaps an obstacle course.  Once we conquered an area of the road, another obstacle appeared.  For us having her be able to try new foods has been a great improvement.  Our obstacle now is to see her eat enough.  She seems to never be interested in eating.  She is never hungry.  We are reading about nutrition, and hunger hormones.  Her therapist agrees with us.  There is a piece of information regarding her eating struggles that we do not understand yet.   Perhaps one day we will understand more about her needs, and not worry so much.

For her feeding therapy, she packed 1/2 of a banana, clementines, apples, mango juice, Mac and cheese, and Parmesan cheese. She loves peeling the clementines.  She ate well.

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